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"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." ~ Einstein

500,000 for a National Day of Pluralism

on May 16, 2012

The United States was founded by people attempting to escape religious persecution.  Here’s Andrew Bowen‘s opinion on the matter:

E Pluribus Unum, though never codified by law, was the de facto motto for the United States until 1956 when Congress adopted “In God We Trust,” as the nation’s official motto. Although many in the United States indeed trust in God, it is clear that not everyone in fact believes in a divine personage and certainly not in the same manner. This divergence in belief and conviction grows more evident in our modern theater of existence on the national stage as members of various theistic and non-theistic groups create greater friction between one another every day.

I believe a National Day of Pluralism, by espousing the ideals of the nation’s original motto, would help American’s remember the multifaceted reality of these United States by encouraging citizens to participate in a day of pluralistic observation. Just as Memorial Day enjoins us to honor those who have offered the ultimate sacrifice for our collective freedom and security, a National Day of Pluralism would remind us of one of the most endearing features of our nation: That we are indeed one people out of many nationalities, ethnicity, race, cultures, philosophies, and yes, even religions.

Recognizing the duty and blessing of coexistence can only manifest with knowledge and acceptance of the various belief systems of our neighbors. A National Day of Pluralism would encourage citizens to meet their theological/philosophical neighbor on their own ground, learn from one another, and share in the unique qualities and ideals that make the United States a variable tapestry of many threads creating one piece of wondrous art.

In this light of understanding, we come to recognize the humanity beneath the skin of our faiths and philosophies. By eliminating the blight of ignorance and intolerance which currently mires our nation with divisive conflict, we can come together on one day, a National Day of Pluralism, and introduce a common goal to coexist and believe responsibly.

Like the Facebook page 500,000 for a National Day of Pluralism and sign the petition!


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