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A Spoonful of Sugar Doesn’t Always Help – Musings on Christianity, from My Perspective

on June 1, 2012

This is part one of a two-part series.  The next post will explain why I fell in love with Hinduism.


There are many things that can cause something to leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth.

Too much salt on your fries, for example.

Maybe your coffee was too bitter.

A piece of meat loaded with gristle and fat.


However, there are things that aren’t food related that can leave you feeling the same way, only emotionally.

Being called ugly.

Having an argument with someone you’re close to.

Having a bad day at work.


Now, take these feelings, and then consider recent news regarding religion.

A toddler singing “Ain’t No Homos Going to Heaven” and receiving a standing ovation.

A doctor refusing emergency contraceptives to a rape victim, because it was against her personal beliefs.

A preacher here in my home state saying that gays should be put behind an electric fence.

It’s very similar, isn’t it?  Now, obviously, not all Christians are the same.  Actually, I’ve never even met two that are entirely alike, much less entire sects or the religion as a whole.  So, no, this is not how all Christians feel.

However, these are prime examples of how the Bible can be used to support prejudice and hatred.  And why is that?  Because many of the “hateful” things that we hear about in the news are not only mentioned in the Bible; they’re demanded.

I have never believed in the wrathful, vengeful God that many of the Christians I’ve known believe in.  I’ve found it entirely impossible.  Even if God wanted to be that way, that was His business, and He could do it all He wanted, as long as I didn’t have to be involved in it.  Jesus taught about love and acceptance, but those verses are skipped over by the masses so that they can get on to the stoning and eternal damnation.

I think Gandhi said it best: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

It goes against every fiber of my being to believe in a God that would make people who are essentially “pre-damned.”  If homosexuality is so wrong, then why do people feel that way?  I’m sure many would call it the work of Satan.  That seems to be the general reasoning for anything that feels right but doesn’t follow God’s rules.


Let me stop ranting, and sum all of this up: Christianity, to me, never felt right.  Looking back, it’s reminiscent of one of my old boyfriends.  I stayed with it because I never considered any other option.  I threw my love and soul into it, and it just never seemed to love me the same way.  I was left emotionally unsatisfied, if not starved.  My friends never saw the pain and unhappiness inside of me, so they blindly encouraged the relationship.  Some of them even considered that relationship necessary to our friendship.

Someone I knew posted online one day about how they didn’t believe in religious tolerance, because Christianity is the only way.  However, they expected other people to be tolerant of their intolerance.  Now, does that make any sense at all?

No matter what your beliefs, shoving your opinions down other people’s throats won’t get you anywhere.


I didn’t write this to offend anyone, by the way.  If you don’t agree with my opinions, I will happily discuss them with you.  However, I assure you, you won’t manage to convert me.  If you believe that my soul will rot in Hell for this, then I greatly appreciate your concern and will take it into consideration.


2 responses to “A Spoonful of Sugar Doesn’t Always Help – Musings on Christianity, from My Perspective

  1. glo says:

    I am so sorry that this is the kind of Christianity you have experienced. 😦
    If that had been my experience I would have left too …

    For the record, I don’t think you will burn in hell for leaving Christianity. I believe Jesus’ loving, self-sacrificial act for for ALL OF US – whether we believe in him or not.
    Christians are set aside to tell people of those good news. Unfortunately many have a shocking way to go about it.

    Wherever your journey takes you, be assured that God loves you! ❤

    And yes, he even loves homosexuals. 🙂


  2. Anke says:

    Haven’t seen any updates for a while and am wondering how you are doing? Namaste. 🙂

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